Institute for Hydraulic engineering and Water management

The roots of the institute originate from 1962, when the National Water Management Authority initiated the establishment of a higher education institution on water management in Baja. After a reorganization of the higher education system in Hungary in the early 1960’s, our institution became the Water Management Faculty of the Technical University of Budapest. Later the Faculty joined the Pollack Mihály Technical College (seated in Pécs), and operated as such from 1979 to 1994. After this, for a shorter period the Faculty belonged to the Janus Pannonius University, until the establishment of our current ornagizational structure with the fusion of the former Eöt­vös Jó­zsef Teacher Training College and the Faculty of Water Management in 1996. From 2010 to 2013, the College has been organized into 2 Faculties (Faculty of Pedagogy and Faculty of Technology and Economics).

Currently, the College has 5 Institutes. Our Institute was re-organized into its present structure in 2013.